Lesser Town

Just like the other historical parts of Prague, the Lesser Town has its own unique atmosphere. It was always a quarter where noble families lived in their beautiful palaces to be close to the king.

Things to see in the Lesser Town:
The Lesser Town is dominated by the green dome of the Church of St. Nicholas. You definitely cannot miss it. Christians from all over the world, especially from Spanish-speaking countries, visit the Infant Jesus of Prague in the Church of Our Lady of Victory. You should test your physical condition and walk up Neruda Street (although it is interesting to walk down the street as well). Kampa Island has always belonged to artists and unconventional people. And Čertovka to watermen…

The Lesser Town as well offers unusual details and secret corners. Did you see the babies crawling up the television tower in Žižkov? On Kampa Island you can actually touch them.  What a strange name is the Church of Our Lady below the Chain…

Malá Strana, kostel sv. Mikuláše / Lesser Town, St. Nichalaus ChurchMiminka od Davida Černého / Babies by David ČernýValdštejnská zahrada / Vallenstein gardenDům U Dvou slunců / House of the two suns

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