The Alchemists´ Gold in Hradcany

Both you and your children will enjoy this walk. It is the best to have several families with children so that the children could compete, giving the adults time to concentrate on the interesting things about the places where we will walk.

We will have a game with questions and tasks for children to give the parents time to focus on the interesting details that we will see and stories which are hiden behind those places

The Alchemists´ Gold in Hradcany: 1200 CZK when ordered for a group of up to 15 people (adults and children); plus 50 CZK per each extra person for larger groups. The price includes: the services of the guide, prizes for the winners of the small competitions during the tour, and pexeso cards for every child. Please contact me at

Nový Svět - věříte, že tento domek je jen 10 minut chůze od Pražského Hradu?Nový Svět - svět sám pro sebe...

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My name is Eva Bartušková and I am a professional guide for Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic. I would like to invite you to a tour around Prague. The knowledge of monuments, history and language is a matter-of-fact for a guide. To make your stay in Prague an unforgettable experience, I can offer you my love for my native city and history, a friendly attitude and ability to understand your needs.