Transfers in Europe

Are you planning trip around Europe? The transfers are the most boring part – let´s make them funier! You will enjoy your transfer from or to Prague to any nearby city because of the stop over tour in the middle and the guide accompanying you.

We can help you with a transfer to or from: Austria (Vienna, Salzburg), Germany (PassauBerlin, Dresden, Nürmberg (Nuremberg), Munich (München)), Hungary (Budapest) or Poland (Krakow)... and many other places – if you haven´t found your destination, please let me know and I will prepare an offer for you.


Transfer Prague – Vienna itself takes 4,5 – 5,5 hours what gives you plenty of time for a stop-over tour in an interesting place. You can choose from three UNESCO herritage places: Cesky Krumlov, Telc and Lednice-Valtice complex. More about transfer from Prague to Vienna...


On your way to Salzburg, which takes approx. 4,5 hours, you can stop to enjoy another beautiful UNESCO herritage site – Cesky Krumlov. More about transfer from Prague to Salzburg...


The journey from Prague to Budapest (or vise versa) is little longer, it takes 6 hours, but still there is an opportunity to enjoy few hours stop-over on the way. You can choose from two UNESCO heritage list sights, Telc or Lednice-Valtice Landscape Area. More aout transfer from Prague to Budapest...


Driving Prague to Krakow takes approx. 6 hours. The way passes by a hidden jewel, Kromeriz, another sight listed at UNESCO heritage list. More about transfer from Prague to Krakow...


The journey from Prague to Berlin (or Berlin to Prague) takes 4,5 hours. In Berlin you will be touring all the sights connected with WW2 so why not start even during the way there by visiting Terezin concentration camp? More about transfer from Prague to Berlin...

Nürmberg (Nurembeg)

Transfer Prague to Nürmberg itself takes 4 - 5 hours only, what gives you plenty of time for exploring on the way. To make it less easy there are two different ways and therefor two different places you can visit: Karlovy Vary spa town or Pilsen – the home of Pilsner Urquell. More about transfer from Prague to Nürmberg...


Frankfurt has one of the biggest airports in Europe and very often it is more efficient to drive or take the train rather then changing the plane. And one more advantage – with our Prague – Frankfurt (or Frankfurt – Prague) transfers you can enjoy wonderful day in Pilsen, the home of Pilsner Urquell and witness to important WW2 events. The direct journey takes 7 hours which still gives you few hours for your stop-over tour in Pilsen. More about transfer from Prague to Frankfurt...

Munich, Passau, Villshofen

Transfer directly form Prague to Passau takes 4 hours (4,5 hours to Munich or Vilshofen). Why not stopping in Cesky Krumlov and enjoy the day? More about transfer from Prague to Bavarian cities...

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