New Town

It is the youngest of the four historical towns of Prague. My clients always find it amusing that we call this quarter that was founded in the 14th century “the New Town”…

Old Town

Prague was initially an agglomeration of four towns – the royal towns of the Old Town and the Lesser Town,  Hradčany and the New Town with a bold plan founded by Charles IV. Each of these towns had its own local government and town hall.

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle has been the seat of Czech princes, kings and presidents for more than 11 centuries. During this time, it went through times of boom and temporary decline and expanded to today’s respectable size. Did you know that according to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the largest castle complex in the world? 

Sights and information

There are tons of information about Prague on the internet. At this page I´ll do my best to give you an overview about places and sights you can see in Prague.

Kutna Hora Trip

Bone church - decorated with human bones, St. Barbara cathedral, silver mines - this and much more is Kutna Hora!

The Alchemists´ Gold in Hradcany

Both you and your children will enjoy this walk. It is the best to have several families with children so that the children could compete, giving the adults time to concentrate on the interesting things about the places where we will walk. We will have a game with questions and tasks for children to give the parents time to focus on the interesting details that we will see and stories which are hiden behind those places

Right River Bank Tour

The Vltava River as a silver ribbon divides Prague into two parts, which makes it easy to discover Prague in this way as well. On the right bank of the Vltava River, I will show you the Old Town with the busy Old Town Square, the astronomical clock and romantic crooked lanes, I will show how “new” the New Town really is, and I will tell you about the history of the Jewish settlement in our region that goes back 1,000 years. And of course, you will walk on the famous Charles Bridge.