Kutna Hora Trip

In Kutná Hora, a small town about one and a half hour from Prague, everybody will find something interesting – those who love history, curiosities and unusual experiences. 
Kutná Hora used to be the second most important town of the kingdom right after Prague thanks to its silver mines. This is where during the time of its largest boom, 40% of all European silver was mined.  We can still see signs of its ancient fame there since what other town has two beautiful cathedrals and where else can you see old mints where all coins in Bohemia were minted, or find a chapel adorned with human bones? And especially, where else would you have a chance to descend to medieval silver mine?  

Chrám sv. Barbory a jezuitská kolej /St. Barbara´s cathedral and jesuits collegeKostnice v Kutné Hoře - Sedlci / Ossuary at Kutna Hora - SedlecMincmistr v katedrále sv. Barbory / Mint-Master in the St. Barbara cathedralKutná Hora - Muzeum stříbra - důl / Kutna Hora - Museum of silver - mine

I will prepare a trip to Kutna Hora for you based on your specific requests. Here is one of the options:
We would depart from Prague by car or mini bus in the morning and visit the Ossuary (Kostnice)  - chapel decorated with human bones -  and the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady in Sedlec.  Then we would walk through the center of Kutná Hora (the Cathedral of St. Barbara, the Jesuit College). Then we would have lunch in one of the typical restaurants. After lunch, we would visit the Museum of Silver, highlighted with the excursion into the medieval silver mine.  Then you would have time to either shop or visit the Museum of the Central Bohemia Region, the nearby Kratochvíle Castle or the open-air museum in Kouřim.

Price for Kutna Hora trip:

1 - 6 persons:  5 500 CZK  =  200 EUR  =  234 USD

The price is for the whole group (not per person) and for the whole trip (not per hour).  It is always organised as private tour for you or your family/group of friends (no groups joining). The price includes guiding by licenced guide and transfer by a private van with professional driver. Does not include admission fees (5 - 12 euro per person depending on the destination, will be calculated individually) nor any meals. Please contact me at tours@sightseeing-prague.com. 

You can find more pictures of Kutna Hora at Sightseeing Prague Facebook page