20th century tour

Do you want to find out how the life behind the "iron courtain" was? And how was Prague effected by the world war two? During the 20th Century History Tour we will answer all those questions and we will take you to some intersting places as well.

The modern history of the 20th century in our country was not boring at all... You can see it just from a quick overview:

Foundation of Czechoslovakia in 1918 - why Czechoslovakia? 20 years of democracy between the world wars. Munich agreement and Sudetenland joining German Empire. Nazi occupation of the rest of the country. Right after the war the communist party won the ellection and very soon grabbed all the power and the iron curtain appeared. Black 1950s. Prague Spring in 1968 ended by the Soviet invasion. Velvet revolution and the fall of the communist regime in 1989. Split of Czechoslovakia in 1993 ... And the story goes on and on.

Does it sound familiar to you but don´t know the details? Or "here be dragons" for you but you want to learn more? Then book the 20th century history tour with me!

The tour will also lead you to some of the "off-the-beaten-path" parts of Prague, mainly in the New Town and partially the Old Town. The exact itinerary depends on where the tour starts.

Kostel v Emuazích s moderními věžemi - památka na nálet na Prahu v únoru 1945
Krypta parašutistů v kostele sv. Cyrila a Metoděje
Památník atentátu na Heydricha v Libni
Památník sametové revoluce na Národní třídě
Sir Nicholas Winton

Sightseeing Prague has won Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for 5 times already!

The sightseeing  tour takes 3 hours and we will walk or take public transportation, but we can also go by taxi or bus if requested.

I will pick you up at your hotel, drop-off place is up to your request (back to hotel or city center).


1 - 4 osoby: 1 800 Kč

5 - 14 osob: 2 400 Kč

nad 15 osob: 3 000 Kč