Best of Prague tour

This tour is great for first time visitors but it´s interesting even for experienced visitor (including native Praguers!)

There are 3 absolute "must-sees" in Prague: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Old Town. We will make sure to see these 3 places but within the 4 hours of the Best of Prague tour we will have plenty of time to talk about how is it to live in Czechia now, how it was to live here under communism (yes, I do remember it, but feel free to flatter me saying there is no chance I was born before 1989! :-)) and share the family stories which illustrate the "big history" of 20th century... Or let´s simply talk about Czech cuisine and share some recipes... Or let´s find streets with not one single tourist - it´s up to you, but be sure you will see and remember lot more then the beautiful old buildings!

TripAdvisor users have said about this tour:

"... We saw sights and points of interest that we would have overlooked had she not directed up to look. ..."

"A fantastic taste of Prague and Czech history through the eyes of a passionate and knowledgeable native Czech lady. ..."

"... Saw many places that our host Czech family never heard of nor went to. ..."

Staroměstský orloj
Karlův most
Staroměstské náměstí - Týnský chrám
Katedrála sv. Víta na Pražském hradě
Katedrála sv. Víta z Vrtbovské zahrady

The sightseeing  tour takes 4 hours and we will walk or take public transportation, but we can also go by taxi or bus if requested.

I will pick you up at the hotel, we will discuss the drop-off place during the tour (hotel or any downtown place). 

The price is always for the whole group (not per person) and for the whole tour (not per hour). The price in Czech crowns (CZK) is fixed, the euro and dollar price might differ slightly according to the exchange rate.


1 - 4 osoby: 2 400 Kč

5 - 14 osob: 3 200 Kč

nad 15 osob: 4 000 Kč