Tailor-made tour of Prague

Haven´t found what are you looking for? Do you need a shorter tour as your time in Prague is limited or do you want to explore some specific place? I will be more then happy to tailor-made a tour for you!

I will be happy to help you design a program for two hours or a week! You tell - the 2-hour tour is a minimum and you can see one part of Prague during it, usually the Old Town and Charles Bridge or Prague Castle. Simply - it would be a selection of the "Best of Prague" tour. With longer programs - only the sky is the limit!

My tip: have a look at tours of interiours, 20th century history tour or tours for families as well.

Here are some of the popular suggestions:

Vysehrad: 2,5 hours

Vysehrad once used to be the seat of the Czech dukes and kings and its connected with many legends about the very beginning of the Czech history - did you know, Prague was established by duches Libuse? Interesting, ladies, isn´t it?
Later it was a fortress as part of the city walls of Prague and now it is a beautiful park with stunning views from the ramparts, cemetery for famous Czech people and the underground open for public. One of the underground halls keeps some of the original statues from the Charles Bridge.

Vysehrad + Dancing House + WW2 memorial: 4 hours

On the top of the above mentioned walk in Vysehrad, we will enjoy coffee with unusuall views to Prague in the Dancing House nick-named Ginger and Fred. At the end of the tour we will visit WW2 memorial connected with operation Anthropoid - assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, feared nazi "Butcher of Prague".

Vyšehrad - západ slunce
Vyšehrad - kostel sv. Petra a Pavla
Vyšehrad - kasematy, Gorlice
Vyšehradský hřbitov - Kája Saudek
Vyšehradský hřbitov
Vyšehrad - kasematy
Památník Heydrichiády
Výhled z Tančícího domu

Off-the-beaten-path Old Town: 2 hours

This tour is designed to surprice even native Praguers. We will visit St. Agnes monastery from 1200s established by Czech princess and the winding streets around it. We will continue with former custom-office called Ungelt and used some hidden passages to walk around the most touristy parts. In Klementinum we will check one of the world records Prague holds - oldest still working metheorogical station. Do you know what the warmest day in 1775 was? And we will finish with Bethlehem Chapel. And on the way we will see some modern artworks such as book-well or rotating head of Franz Kafka...

St. Agnes monastery
St. Agnes monastery garden
Girl folding paper plane in Klementinum
guess what is it!
Sunset in the Old Town
Hotel Paris

Off-the-beaten-path Hradcany and Lesser Town: 3 hours

Let´s explore the surroundings of the Prague Castle - there are some places where even people who were born in Prague have to admit "I´ve never been here before!". We will walk through Strahov Monastery to see one of the most beautiful views of Prague and listen to the clarilion at Loreto church. Tiny houses of the New World are very surprising being hidden only 10 minutes walking from all the majestic palaces of the Prague Castle. And allow yourself to be surprised by other parts of Lesser Town with not a single tourist! Our tour will finish with miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague and romantic island of Kampa.

Gardens of the Prague Castle and Lesser Town: 3 hours, available only April - October

Left (western) bank of Vltava river has always been quarter of the nobles, what means there are many wonderful palaces with their gardens. We will start with Royal Garden at the Prague Castle, with its Singing fountain, Royal Summerhouse and Ball-game hall. We will continue with the Southern Gardens of the Castle with the most beautiful views of the roof-tops and towers down to the Palace Gardens under the Prague Castle (complex of terrace gardens of 4 different aristocratic palaces). We cannot miss Valdstejnska (Wallenstein) garden with the artificial drip-stone wall and white peacocks and we will finish the tour at terraces of Vrtbovska Garden.

Nový Svět - roubenka
Nový Svět
Čůrající muži od Davida Černého
Valdštejnská zahrada
Vrtbovská zahrada - Hrad
Vrtbovská zahrada - Mikuláš
Zpívající fontána
Královský letohrádek
Bílý páv ve Valdštejnské zahradě

In this case only, the price of the tour is per hour (duration of each tour is at its description). 

The price is for the whole group, not per person. The admission is not included (please contact me for details.


1 - 4 osoby: 600 Kč

5 - 14 osob: 800 Kč

nad 15 osob: 1 000 Kč