Tours of interiours

This tour is great solution not only for winter tours - we won´t let bad weather stop us exploring! I can highly recommend it for your 3rd, 4th... visit of Prague. 

Prague Castle interiours tour

Prague Castle is one of the must sees. During the tour of its interiours we will visit St. Vitus cathedral, which is the main catholic church of the country, Old Royal Palace with famous Vladislav hall and replicas of medieval crown jewels, St. George basilica - this one is the oldest church of the Prague Castle - and Golden Lane with its pictoresque little houses. Our visit will finish with the dungeon and torture chamber, but don´t worry, not literally "finish"!

The tour takes approx. 3 hours. The admission fees are 250 CZK (10 euro) per adult of 125 CZK (5 euro) for childern, students or seniors.

St. Vitus Cathedral
Stain-glass windows of St. Vitus Cathedral
Painted window by Alfons Mucha
Vladislav hall in Old Royal Palace
Czech crown jewels
Golden Lane

Jewish Museum tour

Prague Jewish Museum would most likely be different then what have you seen in other European cities - it shows the history of Jews in Czechia, which is more then thousand years old, it explains the culture and traditions and above that, the expositions are in different synagogues.

Prague also has the oldest active synagogue in whole Europe, Old-New synagogue. And of course we would not miss the Old Jewish cemetery.

The tour takes approx. 3 hours. Admission fees are 500 CZK (20 euro) per adults or  350 CZK (14 euro) for children or students. No seniors´ discount.

Ceiling of Spanish synagogue
Holocaust memorial with the names of victims
"counter-clock-wise" clock
Old Jewish cemetery
Rabi Löw´s tomb

Strahov Monastic Library tour

Strahov monastic library consists of two wonderful barroque halls and owns more then 200 000 books. Some of them are shown in the exposition (inluding replica of the oldest book, Strahov Evangeliary written in 800s). We will also see cabinet of couriosities, some kind of pre-museum - some of the exponates are really curious, such as unicorn´s horn or basilisque...

The tour takes approx. 1 hour, I recommend to connect it to general sightseeing tour of the quarter or to the tour of Loreto church.

Strahov library - Philosophical hall
Strahov library - manuscript
Strahov library - prohibited books
Strahov library - Theological hall

Loreto Church tour

Loretos where built all around central Europe as replicas of Santa Casa, birth house of Virgin Mary. It was an important pilgrimage place and it is far more then a church now - we will see the Santa Casa itself, several other chappels and the main church (with so many little angels!), Loreto treasury with the diamond monstrance called Loreto Sun, decorated with more then 6 000 diamonds and last but not least, funeral paintings from Lobkowicz crypt, inspired by Rembrandt.

The tour takes approx. 1 hour, I recommend to connect it with a general tour of the quarter of with tour of Strahov Library. Admission fee is 150 CZK (6 euro), they offer different discounts for childern, students or seniors.

Loreto - Santa Casa aka Virgin Mary´s birthhouse
Angels of St. Apolonia, patron of the dentists
Two little boys fighting...
Diamond monstrance called Loreto Sun

In this case only, the price of the tour is per hour (duration of each tour is at its description). At all the other tours I state the full price.

The price is for the whole group, not per person. The admission is not included, you can find the admission fees prices at the tours.


1 - 4 osoby: 600 Kč

5 - 14 osob: 800 Kč

nad 15 osob: 1 000 Kč