Prague must-see Tours

See a different Prague then the crowds with the guidebooks in their hands! Prague sightseeing tours are combination of the main sights and non-touristy places. You will hear how the "regular Czech" lives and you can taste the Czech food. These tours are suitable for your first stay in Prague but even if you have been in Prague many times I can show the known places from different points of view - I will always prepare the program to suit your personal interests.

Guided tours of Prague "must sees" are basically tours of the Royal Route: Old Town, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Such a tour can be scheduled for two hours or for a whole day.

The Best of Prague Tour

The Best of Prague: 4 hours
The basic and most popular tour of Prague - everything you should see in Prague in the shortest possible time: Old Town (Powder Gate, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock) - Charles Bridge - Malostranské square- Prague Castle. We can start anywhere on the route, the most convenient is to walk down the hill from the Castle, or I can pick you up at the hotel.

Staré Město - Týnský chrám / Old Town - Tyn ChurchPražský hrad na jaře / Prague Castle in the spring

Explore Prague in two half-day tours

Prague inside out: 2 x 4 hours
If you really want to get to know Prague in depth, book two half-day tours. One day the right bank of the Vltava: Old, New and Jewish Town, the second day the left bank: Little Quarter (Malá Strana), Prague Castle and Castle District (Hradčany). Charles Bridge is between them and we will definitely not miss it and explore it during one of the days.
My tip: you can order just one of the tours - one bank in detail for 4 hours.

Pražský hrad a Karlův most v zimě / Prague Castle in the winterStaré Město - kostel sv. Mikuláše / Old Town - St. Nicholas ChurchKrálovský letohrádek na Pražském hradě / Royal Summerhouse at the Prague Castle

One Day in Prague Tour

One day in Prague: 8 hours

On a full-day tour, we usually manage to see everything that is included in the Best of Prague tour and one part in detail, to the same level as during a tour of Prague inside out. We can discuss what you would like to explore in detail in the morning when we meet, it´s not necessary to decide in advance.For mathematicians: yes, 2×4 hours = 8 hours, but 8 hours in a row will make you more tired, lunch will take some time, etc. From experience, some 8 hours are not the same as other 8 hours!

My tip: lunch on a boat ride. 2-hour cruise with buffet lunch. The boat passes through the historic center from the Na Františku embankment, under the Castle and around the Charles Bridge to Vyšehrad and back again. You can relax, have lunch, but you're still on tour!

Pražský hrad na podzim / Prague Castle in the AutumnKarlův most se sněhovou pokrývkou / Charles Bridge with the snowStaré Město - vánoční trhy / Old Town - Christmas market


1 - 4 persons: 1000 CZK per hour
5 - 14 persons: 1200 CZK per hour
more then 15 persons: 1400 CZK per hour

The price is per hour and for the whole group of given size.
You can pay in cash in Czech Crowns, euros or US dollars (the price in foreign currency will be calculated according to the current exchange rate). You can also pay by credit card, in that case please let me know in advance.