About Us

Welcome to Sightseeing Prague!

My name is Eva Bartušková - I was born and raised in Prague and I´m one of the lucky people who really love what they do. I love Prague and in my free time I keep exploring the little details about it. I love meeting people and I´m very communicative. I love history - forget your history teachers with the long lines of year and names! History is in fact a set of stories and everybody likes telling and listening to the stories. 

All in all, it´s quite easy to love your job when you are tour guide in such a lovely city as Prague!

Apart of guiding in Prague and other Czech cities I like reading, ball-room and Latine dancing and recently I started practicing yoga. 

I guide most of the English tours myself, but if I can´t take you to the tour personally I can arrange the tour with one of my colleagues - I cooperate with carefully chosen free-lance guides. They are all fully licenced but most imporantly, they are lovely people.   

Jana - she retired way too young from being financial manager in big companies so jumped right into the next carrier of Prague tour guide. Her favourite part is the 20th century history and has some incredible family stories!

Marketa - passionate photographer and Prague lover. She´s literally multi-lingual - I lost the track of how many languges she speaks - Czech, English, Norwegian, Slovenian but last time when we had a coffee together she mentioned a new one. And she always has a smile on her face!

Dana -active mother or 3 kids

And many other interesting colleagues!