Prague public transport

First of all – Prague is very „walkable“ city, so if you´re accommodated in the city center or very close, you don´t need to use the public transport nor taxis very often. But if you would like to, it´s really easy and here are few tips and tricks:

UNESCO sites in the Czech Republic

Most of the visitors who come to the Czech Republic visit Prague and only Prague. But there are many other places which are worth visiting – for inspiration, let´s have a look at the list of UNESCO herritage sites in our country. Of course, Prague is one of them and it was listed in 1992 as the first place together with Český Krumlov and Telč. But enough about Prague, let´s go for a trip!

Telc and Trebic trip

Both Telč and Třebíč are listed at UNESCO herritage list. They are very close to each other (approx. half an hour driving), so it makes sense to connect them into one day trip. Surprisingly neither of the places is very touristy – so it may also count into your request to visit some typical Czech town. Telč has a beautiful square – literally all the houses facades are preserved in the way they looked like in the history. Telč also has a chauteau, few churches, preserved fortification tower and it´s surrounded by the lake – so everybody will find something there!

Souveniers from Prague

I won´t give you the full shopping list here but I´m sure you will find useful tips for what to bring from Prague: Crystal and glass There´s a long tradition in the fine glass and crystal production. The typical design is usually clear cut crystal, but for example famous Moser glass is coloured, you can find the pieces with golden edges, enamel painting or modern design... You name it!

The Treasure of Vysehrad Tour

It's not just an ordinary sightseeing tour through Vyšehrad – come with your whole family to play a game inspired by Vyšehrad legends! Among other things, you will learn the stories of duke Krok and his daughters, about the extraordinary way whereby duchess Libuše met her husband Přemysl, where the line “shame to men whom a woman rules” comes from, or from which point Horymír jumped on his faithful white horse Šemík. But I will also tell you some of the less known tales – about the devil's column, or the treasures of Vyšehrad, and much more.

Prague for Families

Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort to come up with a program suitable for the whole family. Get inspired by the Prague tours that we offer – all of them are suitable for families with children aged 5-12, and they are designed in such a way that children will have fun and, at the same time, learn something about Prague. And don't worry, the adults will have fun too!

Useful info

At this page you will find useful information you may need for planning your holiday in Prague: tips for restaurants, hotels, how to use the public transport etc. I would also like to recommend you my colleagues in other european cities.

Hradcany and Strahov

Hradčany (The Castle District), which is another historical Prague town, surrounds the Prague Castle.  Just like the Lesser Town, it is mainly a quarter of noble palaces that contrast with the small houses of the New World. The Strahov Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the Czech country, still houses the Premonstratensians.  The Strahov monastic library is a real treasure.   

Lesser Town

Just like the other historical parts of Prague, the Lesser Town has its own unique atmosphere. It was always a quarter where noble families lived in their beautiful palaces to be close to the king.

Jewish Town

Jews settled in Bohemia in the 10th century. The first written record about Prague actually comes from Jewish merchant Ibrahim Ibn Jacob of Cordóba.  The Prague Jewish community was once one of the most important Jewish communities in Europe and local scholars and rabbis were recognized around the world.