The Legends of the Lesser Town Tour

A tour of both famous and less well-known Prague sights for the whole family. Let's turn into a kelpy family for a while and explore the Kampa island, the Lesser Town, the Charles Bridge and, of course, the Vltava river!

The tour is intended for families with children aged 4-12 and covers primarily the legends relating to the Vltava river, the Charles Bridge and water in general. Often, the real history shows up in the legends as well. The whole tour is designed so that the kids have fun and, at the same time, learn something; the talking bits are combined with various games and competitions. At the end of the tour, every child gets pexeso memory game cards with the images of Prague as a souvenir.

Vodník Kabourek u mlýna na KampěKarlův most - jak to bylo s těmi vajíčky v maltě?Turek na Karlově mostě stále hlídá své zajatceKam běží modrá liška?

The price of The Legends of the Lesser Town:

1600 CZK when ordered for a group of up to 15 people (adults and children); plus 50 CZK per each extra person for larger groups. The price includes: the services of the guide, prizes for the winners of the small competitions during the tour, and pexeso cards for every child.