Tour of Prague interiours

Great idea not only for the winter stays - compose your own program inside some of the most interesting sights in Prague. The bad weather can´t stop us!

The price depends on the number of people in the group, minimal order is 2 hours:
1 - 4 persons:  600 CZK  =  22 EUR  =  26 USD
5 - 14 persons:  800 CZK  =  29 EUR  =  34 USD
more then 15 persons:  1 000 CZK  =  36 EUR  =  43 USD
The admission fees should be added to the total price, see further.

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Prague Castle

The tour includes st. Vitus Cathedral, which has always been the main church of the country, Old Royal palace, oldest church in the Prague Castle called St. George basilica and Golden Lane, street full of tiny pitoresque houses. The tour finishes (not literally!) in the dungeon with exposition of medieval torture instruments.
Duration of the tour: 3 hours
Admission fee: 250 CZK (10 euro) for an adult or 125 CZK (5 euro) for childern, students and seniors 65+

Jewish Museum

Prague Jewish Town with the museum has several unique features: you can visit the oldest functioning synagogue in Europe here. The Old Jewish Cemetary is one of a kind as well. And the expositions of the museum are situated in different synagogue buildings and show the history and customs of Jewish communities living in Czechia for more then thousand years.
Duration of the tour: 3 hours
Admission fee: 500 CZK (20 euro) for an adult or 340 CZK (14 euro) for childern and students.

Strahov Monastic Library

Historical library in Strahov Monastery is one of the largest in our country. More then 250 000 books are placed in two barroque library halls and you can admire the replicas of some of the most precious books the library owns, including one dating back to 800s! The originals need special conditions, that´s why they "only" show the replicas. And the cabinet of curiosities will make you curious for sure!
Duration of the tour: 1 hour (the tour should be connected with Loreto church tour)
Admission fee: 120 CZK (10 eur) for adults, 60 CZK (5 euros) for childern and students.

Loreto church

Old pilgramage place with Santa Casa, the birth house of Virgin Mary. Appart of that, we will visit Loreto Treasury with precious diamond monstrance, a bearded female-saint Liberata or Lobkowicz noble family crypt with funeral paintings.
Duration of the tour: 1 hour (the tour should be connected with Strahov Monastic library tour)
Admission fee: 150 CZK (6 euro) for adults, discounts for childern, students or seniors 70+