Company Events

Treasure Hunt or Beer Hunt as a perfect program for your company event offer more then a regular sightseeing tour, more then interesting information and funny tasks!

The program is quite flexible, suitable for groups of all sizes, starting 4 people up to several hundreds, and for all durations, starting with 2 hours up to full day events.

Classical Treasure Hunt

Treasure or Scavanger Hunt with a map of the route and tasks on different places, enriched with interesting facts about the places from licensed guides.
For groups of 10 to several hundreds of people.
Minimal duration 3,5 hours.

Treasure Hunt mini

Sightseeing tour with games and tasks on the way.
For groups of 4 to several hundreds of people.
Minimal duration 2 hours.

Treasure Hunt XXL

All Prague is yours - you will get the map of posts and it is up to you how  to find the most treasurers.
Suitable for large groups (suggested min. size 40 persons)
Best for full-day program, minimal duration 5 hours.

Treasure Hunt - strážci pokladu / Treasure Hunt - treasurerTreasure Hunt - truhla s pokladem / Treasure Hunt - Treasure boxTreasure Hunt - jeden z úkolů / Treasure Hunt - taskTreasure Hunt - strážci pokladu / Treasure Hunt - treasurer