The Treasure of Vysehrad Tour

It's not just an ordinary sightseeing tour through Vyšehrad – come with your whole family to play a game inspired by Vyšehrad legends! Among other things, you will learn the stories of duke Krok and his daughters, about the extraordinary way whereby duchess Libuše met her husband Přemysl, where the line “shame to men whom a woman rules” comes from, or from which point Horymír jumped on his faithful white horse Šemík. But I will also tell you some of the less known tales – about the devil's column, or the treasures of Vyšehrad, and much more.

The legends of Vyšehrad tour is suitable for families with children aged 5-12. It is designed as a game – a quest with several objectives, most of which the children carry out by themselves; with some of them the parents might want to lend a hand. The players are given a certain amount of Vyšehrad coins for each objective completed, and the one who gathers the largest treasure wins a sweet prize. Every child also gets memory-cards game with pictures of Prague as a souvenir. The whole tour takes about 2 hours.

VyšehradHonba za pokladem VyšehraduHonba za pokladem VyšehraduVyšehradské legendy - Libuše a Přemysl

The price of The Trasure of Vyšehrad tour:
1600 CZK when booked for a group of 15 participants (adult and children); 50 CZK extra per any additional participant. The price includes: the services of the guide, materials required for the game, prize for the winner, and memory-cards game for each child.